BACKGROUND I have been creating art in one form or another for most of my life.  I started carving birds and animals in wood when I was 11 and have worked in many types of fine art mediums since then.  Bird carving for me was a way to synthesize my interest in painting with sculpture.  Duplicating the nuances of feathers and fur with wood and paint allowed me to perfect my painting skills over many years.  After graduating from college, I started doing art as a full-time vocation by teaching sculpture and making works for commissions and galleries.  That same year, I began to create bronze sculptures in addition to wood pieces, still with a focus on wildlife and birds.  It is on the strength of my sculptures that I was juried into the Society of Animal Artists in 1987 and I have shown with them many times over the years.  In 1990, I began creating framed canvasses and large format murals done in acrylics and oils.  I specialize in birds, animals, flowers, and landscapes of North America with a focus on the Western United States.  Soon thereafter, I also started doing faux painting and murals on walls, ceilings, furniture, and fired-tiles for kitchen backsplashes.  Giclées are now available for some of my paintings. I have had pieces in many shows on a national and international level and have received various awards over the years for both painting and sculpture.  I have done commission work for the Denver Merchandise Mart, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, the Denver Botanic Gardens, The Denver Zoo, Swedish Medical Center and the Boettcher Foundation in Colorado to name a few.  The majority of work done by me at this time is privately commissioned.  I am also available to do faux painting, other specialty paint finishes, and large format murals in homes and businesses throughout the United States.  ARTIST’S PHILOSOPHY My painting philosophy is to freeze a moment in time and allow the viewer to see, and more thoroughly appreciate, nature in all of its forms - be it a flower kissed by the sun, a swan floating across a pond, or a more grand vista.  The challenge for me is to create an emotional connection to the subject where the viewer is transported to whatever place and time I suggest.  Nature, with all of its diversity and beauty, is revealed to us through the various qualities of light and my paintings express my personal response to light and color and attempts to share that with the audience. From 1984 to the present, framed paintings on linen and/or gessoed boards have been added to my repertoire as well as more large scale murals painted on walls and ceilings.  Birds, animals, and florals are my real passion and they figure prominently in all of my works.  Landscapes are also subjects - especially for large-scale murals.  From wood to bronze to pen and inks, oils, and acrylics, I have been able to match the needs of the subject with the right media in both two and three dimensions.  My love of flowers and the natural world led me to focus more strongly on paintings, where I could show a broader scene or a miniscule flower with more depth and emotion than I felt I could with sculpture.  I could draw upon light, color and brush techniques to more fully orchestrate the desired response to my subjects from the viewer which went beyond the more limiting tactile and form considerations most inherent in sculpture. As demand for my paintings grew, the time available for sculpture became less and less, and eventually was eclipsed by the time I needed to paint.  Though I still create sculpture, paint is really my primary medium and I work regularly in both oils and acrylics.  Acrylics allow me to work “tightly” with more detail while with oils I work in a more impressionistic style where texture, color, and only essential detail help to define the subject while the viewers eye fills in the rest.
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