TYPES OF FINISHES OFFERED: 1. Paint and Glaze Finishes - which include Custom Stencils 2. Trompe L’oeil and Murals 3. Cabinet and Furniture Finishes 4. Custom Fired-Tile Murals I have been creating decorative paint finishes for residential and commercial locations in Colorado and across the country for over two decades now.  Contact me and let me know what you have in mind.  I can work with clients through all stages of the design process and/or I can work with your designer of choice as well. Faux or other specialty finishes may be used in a variety of ways in your residence or place of business.  “Faux” is a term which, in French, means “fake” or “false”.  It was used to describe finishes like marbling or wood graining, where something like plaster or board was made to look like precious stone or exotic woods.  Now, however, faux as a term seems to encompass a variety of finishes-- from anything using a glaze to true ”trompe l’oeil” or “fool-the-eye” effects like marbling or wood graining.  Nevertheless, wall glazes and other wall treatments can not only beautify a space, but they can correct certain issues with color or proportion or put “stone” or “wood” where they do not exist.  The variety of materials available to the faux artist allow for an endless array of options to create truly one-of-a-kind personal and public spaces. There are 4 main areas in which I specialize: WALLS/CEILINGS Specialty paint finishes used on walls and ceilings are almost limitless in their use of color, texture, and quality of surface treatment.  Glazes (applications of translucent paint), stencilling, metallic finishes (including gold-leafing), venetian plaster, and faux bricks are but examples of the many techniques available to the “faux” artist. From duplicating real materials like old plaster walls or leather, for example, to using a soft veil of color to mellow too strong of a wall color, specialty painted finishes can be used to lift your home or business from the mundane to create a one-of-a-kind space where your personal vision is realised through paint, color and texture.  The following pictures are but examples of jobs done in the past, but every job is unique, so hopefully these photos will give you ideas to consider for your own project. MURALS From a small wall or a portion thereof, to whole rooms including ceilings, murals are a great way to personalize a space.  They can be used to open up small or awkward spaces, record scenes—actual or fantastical, or transport viewers to another place and time. FURNITURE AND CABINETS Old cabinets in good condition are great candidates for a “face lift” or new integrated look for a newly renovated space.  From one cabinet or other furniture piece, to a whole bank of cabinets, specialty painted finishes can totally reinterpret or redefine a space. FIRED-TILE MURALS Tile murals are a very specialized mural done on tile with ceramic glazes then fired at high temperatures to make them water and chemical resistant and more durable than a typical painted wall finish.  They are particularly useful in kitchens and in bathrooms.  There is a limitless range of possibilities from full scenic murals to more limited single or minimal number tile concepts, where color and design can make a statement on a large or smaller scale.
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