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Painted Faux Skylight and Faux Beam in Room
Canyon Wall - Silverthorne, CO, 2 stories high x 15 feet wide
Canyon Closeup 1
Canyon Closeup 2
Canyon Closeup 3
Canyon Wall Top
Canyon Wall Upper
Done for a client who loved the canyon country of the Southwest.  The canyon ”walls” with mineral deposits created a wraparound effect totally encompassing the stairwell.
Petroglyphs Near Bottom
Faux Skylight in Room
Faux Beam Closeup
Faux Skylight 1
Faux Skylight 2
Faux Skylight 3
Dropped ceiling converted with painted faux skylight - the skylight area is recessed but is not lined with actual wood beams - all beams shown across the room and around the skylight are painted
Faux Brick Breaking Thru Plaster on Wall
Old Plaster Wall
French Farmhouse With Faux Beam
Faux Marble Columns - Denver Tech Center
Clouds on Ceiling
Fresco Style Clouds
Soft Clouds
Coat of Arms
Painted Window of French Countryside - Culinary Store, CO Springs, CO
Freehand Bamboo Leaves
Kitchen Soffit Stencil - Fruit Matches Curtains
Tortoise Shell Print on Ceiling
Japanese Screen Effect
Old World Map - Ceiling, Man’s Study
Rock Shower - Faux Rock Painted Above Real Rock and Glass Shower to Reduce Weight on Shower Ceiling
Faux Painting with Frogs - Child’s Bedroom
Cowboy Gloves and Branding Iron on Barn Wood - All Painted on Drywall
Yellowstone Falls Painted Behind Bronze Mountain Lion - “Cliff Rocks” Painted to Match Rocks in Base
Canyon Wall Lower
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