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Wine Cellar Window
Wine Cellar Closeup 1
Wine Cellar Closeup 2
Wine Cellar Window - Breckenridge, CO, 30” x 40”
Alphonse Mucha Muses - in Corners of Bedroom, Nouveaux Style
“Dance” Closeup
Mute Swan
Mute Swan Closeup
A View of Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach Before Major Development - Castle Pines, CO
Full Mountain Mural Painting, Spans 3 Stories, 90 Ft Wide
Mountain Staircase - Mountain Trail from Timberline To River Bottom - Castle Pines, CO
This mural spans 3 stories of a curving staircase and “feels” as if you are walking down a mountainside and thru the aspen forest to the stream below.  The large mountain face is 18 feet tall and the entire mural spans roughly 90 feet in width.
Windows at Top of Staircase
Closeup of Snow Fields Near Mountain Bottom
Further Down Mountain
2nd Level View Going Down
Top Balcony Near Mountain Top
Mountain Top From Landing Outside Master Bedroom
River Bottom Right Side of Staircase
Aspen Forest Left Side Lower Level
Aspen Wall at Bottom and All Around Bottom of Staircase
Aspen Forest to River Bottom
 Closeup of Aspen and Squirrel
Closer Look at Squirrel
Streambed at Bottom Ground Level
Stream Over Rocks
Closeup of Red Anthuriums
Closeup of Jungle
Closeup of Pink Cymbidium Orchids
Waikiki Beach Before Major Development
Closeup of Coastline
Closeup of Tortoise
View From Beach To Jungle
Jungle at End of Pool
Corner Picture of Jungle
Opposite Corner Wall - Jungle Continued
The client wanted a view of this area before the encroachment of the modern world.  The scene needed to span from the ocean and beach view to a highly vegetative area which could include favorite flowers like anthuriums and orchids. This swimming pool surround mural was 130 feet x 9 feet.
Scott Original in Style of Alphonse Mucha - Middle Arch of Bedroom
Faux window created as an old fresco with eroding and cracked plaster.  The theme was a vineyard area in Spain that the client visited (with their children depicted in the ox cart).
Tuscan Vineyard Staircase - Cherry Hills, CO, 2 Stories
Closeup Field in Tuscan Vineyard
Tuscan Staircase with Chandelier
North Platte River Mural - Dining Room, Parker, CO, 35’ W x 15’ H
Closeup of Platte River Scene in Corner of Room
Fence on Grassy Hill
Rocks on Hill
Tree on Grassy Hill
Framed Doorway with Painting Around it
 Closeup of Mule Deer Along Platte River
Mule Deer Along Platte River
Deer in the Mist - Swedish Medical Center, Family Care Unit, Englewood, CO, 25’ Long Wall
Costa Rican Treetop Bathroom
French Harbor Over Dining Room Buffet - Cherryl Hills, CO
Madison River and Trumpeter Swans  - was at Swedish Medical Center, Critical Care Unit Lounge, Englewood, CO, 35’ W x 7’ H Wall
Bathroom Sink with Painting Supplies
Closeup of Parrot
Monkey Near Sink
Closeup of Blue and Gold Macaw
Harbor Framed on Wall
Closeup of French Harbor
Closeup of Forest Trees
Mural with Hospital Locator Plaque
Closeup of Deer
Madison River and Swans - Left Side
Madison River - Right Side
River and Trees
River Bank
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