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Stellar’s Jay 1
Stellar’s Jay 2
Stellar’s Jay 3
Stellar’s Jay 4
Stellar’s Jay 5
Tile murals are a very specialized mural done on tile with ceramic glazes then fired at high temperatures to make them water and chemical resistant and more durable than a typical painted wall finish.  They are particularly useful in kitchens and in bathrooms.  There is a limitless range of possibilities from full scenic murals to more limited single or minimal number tile concepts, where color and design can make a statement on a large or smaller scale.
Stellar’s Jay Kitchen Backsplash - Breckenridge, CO
Wildflowers Left 1
Wildflowers Right
Mountain Wildflowers Kitchen Backsplash - Grandby, CO
Wildflowers Center 1
Wildflowers Left 2
Wildflowers Left 3
Wildflowers Left 4
Wildflowers Center 2
Wildflowers Center 3
Wildflowers Closeup 1
Wildflowers Closeup 2
Fruit Baskets Backsplash
Fruit Baskets Backsplash -  Closeup of Basket
Fruit Baskets Backsplash - Closeup of Robin
Medieval Tree of Life
Fruit Baskets Kitchen Backsplash - Burlington, IA
Medieval Tree of Life Kitchen Backsplash - Cherry Hills Village, CO
Pheasants in Fall
Pheasants in Fall Kitchen Backsplash - Denver, CO
Contemporary Still Life
Contemporary Still Life Kitchen Backsplash - Polo Reserve, Littleton, CO
This fired-tile mural depicts jays indigenous to the area of Breckenridge with pomegranates which have special meaning to the clients.  The tiles were painted in China paint and fired in a series of firings over an already finished tile provided by the client to match the rest of the kitchen tiles.
These tiles were made from bisque tiles (fired but unglazed) and depict flowers and creatures found on the ranch where they were installed.  I built up some dimension on the flowers and painted the chipmunks and mountain bluebird on the flat tile surface.  The tiles were painted with underglazes and then covered in a protective glaze which required multiple firings. Roughly 15’ x 18”.
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