Original also available
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15” x 22.25” -  $225.00
FINE ART GICLÉES FOR SALE  FINE ART GICLÉES FOR SALE “Giclée” is a term for the process of making fine art prints from a digital source using inkjet  printing, with archival  pigment inks on archival materials.”             — Ray Snyder, Fine Art - Giclée Printer
All limited edition giclée prints are sold with a certificate of authenticity.   I also hand brush a top layer of acrylic polymer emulsion with a gloss sheen to duplicate the texture of brushstrokes found on the original painting.  Remember, giclées are sold without a frame.
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“Barn Dance” Poppies are one of my favorite flowers and these Poppies with their almost “stained glass” quality just begged to be painted.  This piece was chosen as one of the top 100 finalists in the Blossom II International Floral Art Competition and Exhibition in 2011.  In creating this painting, I was intrigued not only by the colors but the rhythm of “swirling skirts” and “bobbing heads” which reminded me of a barn dance.   I composed this painting to draw your eyes through the picture like you were looking at the rising and falling notes on a piece of sheet music.
“In A Temple Garden” While exploring the Byodo-In Temple on Oahu in Hawaii, I was struck by the slowly gliding black swans and the frantic swirling motion of the koi as they shared the same area of pond space—one above and the other underneath.  The challenge was to present these divergent movement styles into a cohesive, well-designed whole.
32” x 18” - $250.00
“The Importance of Being Ernest” Ernest the Cat belongs to a good friend of mine in Wyoming.  One morning, I had the good fortune to catch him just “being Ernest” as light flooded him with beautiful color tones and purple shadows.  This painting was a study in purple and orange.  The title refers to the play by Oscar Wilde of a similar name, “The Importance of Being Earnest”, and pays homage to my friend’s thespian leanings and the haughtiness that Ernest seems to reflect in this pose.
“Lazy Afternoon”  Wolves are amazing creatures and favorites of mine to paint.  Wolves spend a good bit of the daytime hours resting.  Hunting and patrolling begins as afternoon blends into evening.  As the waning light of day creates long shadows over the surrounding terrain, this regal female gray wolf waits for the action yet to come.
20.5” x 30.5” - $300.00
9” x 12” - $100.00
Original SOLD
Original also available
18” x 10.5” - $150.00
Original SOLD
“Golden Days” In the late summer/early fall, ripening seed heads of wild sunflowers or black-eyed susans bring on the goldfinches, among other seed eaters, to partake of the bounty of the season.  The backlit elements bring a great sense of drama to this life-size presentation.
8” x 10” - $90.00
Original SOLD
Morning at Soda Butte” The Soda Butte formation in Yellowstone National Park is an unusual light gray mound of volcanic ash “stone” which overlooks the Lamar Valley.  It lent its name to one of the early reintroduced wolf packs in the Park and was the general area where I saw my first wolf in the wild—albeit from a very great distance.  This painting depicts a black variant of the gray wolf clan standing on Soda Butte overlooking the Lamar Valley in the soft light of early morning.
15” x 30” - $230.00
“Bouldering” This coyote is bounding around on boulders strewn across a meadow as late afternoon light creates a somewhat reddish veil over everything—including the coyote.  The touches of autumnal color further heighten the warm palette in use here.
24” x 18” - $225.00
Original SOLD
Original SOLD
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