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. . . and thank you for checking out “The Art of Scott Yablonski”. In creating this site, it seemed most effective to focus my art under two main headings.  The first is FINE ART, which includes Original artwork and Giclée limited edition prints for sale, as well as a Gallery, which includes examples of my paintings, giclées, and sculptures created over many years, some currently for sale.  My subjects are predominantly nature and wildlife related, and I have been a member of the Society of Animal Artists since 1987.  The second takes you on a tour of my SPECIALTY PAINT FINISHES.  This category includes examples of paint and glaze finishes, custom stencils, wall and ceiling murals, cabinet and furniture finishes, and fired-tile murals  This site gives you examples of past work created over the last 25 years of creating art directly on walls, ceilings and furniture for commercial and residential clients. Although these divergent areas initially seem unrelated, they are really “branches” off of the same “tree” where principles of what makes “good art” hold fast - whether the art be a framed canvas in a gallery or an entire room of glowing colors which shows off the furnishings impeccably.  Painting on linen, boards, or entire walls, requires similar skills and thorough understanding of color and design.  So in many ways they are similar but, for my purposes here, they will be handled separately.  Enjoy browsing through this website and explore the many facets of “The Art of Scott Yablonski”.
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